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I have used this in my therapy room for 2 years now.

I have used this in my therapy room for 2 years now and thank heaven it can still be used with the Stay In Place rule which forced us to conduct teletherapy. Grant you, the learning curve is absolutely never ending and this is from an old timer who is very computer savvy as my father was a programmer with IBM in its infancy. Anyway, this is perfect to assign to students online. Not only can you monitor progress, but increase and decrease difficulties of the activities within the program. It is best geared for K-3. It can be used by students who have severe LI disabilities in older grades or who are developmentally disabled or more severe ASD characteristics. Data is provided, time spent on each segment as well. Easy to set up and excellent support from the tech team. I highly suggest you give it a trial for your LI students while we are on teletherapy services. You will more than likely purchase it again once we return to school!

She had difficulty recognizing words on a page.

My daughter is a 10-year-old 4th grader. Due to the fact that she had difficulty recognizing words on a page, she was falling behind in her classwork. Homework was a daily struggle too. I had her start playing HearBuilder Sequencing and Auditory Memory about 20 minutes a day to see if these programs could help her. She especially enjoyed the Context Clues in Stories, Reading for Details in Stories, and Story Prediction games. After a few short weeks, she was reading at a mid-5th grade level. I am extremely happy with HearBuilder. It has helped my daughter improve her reading, remember what she read, and understand stories in a way she never has before.

She was having a lot of trouble sounding out words.

I am a parent with a daughter, age 11, in 5th Grade. She was having a lot of trouble sounding out words, and as a result, was reading well below her grade level. She began using HearBuilder Phonological Awareness 10-20 minutes a day. After several weeks, I received a call from her teacher, who told me that she had made tremendous progress and was now reading on a mid-6th grade level. I recommend HearBuilder 100% to help your child improve their reading skills.

We are seeing improvement in our sons performances.

We are very please with the program, and we are seeing improvement in our sons performances. Great news is that his school is also working with him using hear builder! Thank you for the follow up, and great program!

Everything is going well and I can see a difference in the students.

Everything is going well and I can see a difference in the students that are actually spending time using the program. Just this week I had a student say, “I get it now! I’m looking for the ones that end the same (on rhyming).” Thank you for making such a great program! I don’t know how I would replicate this through direct instruction and still maintain clean data! I can have several students at a time working on the same task, or different ones depending on the individual needs, and still have each student answering each task, holding them responsible for their learning by increasing their engaged active learning time.

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