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See how HearBuilder helped Santiago gain confidence.

Claudia talks about seeing an improvement in her son’s listening skills after using HearBuilder, the convenience of the HearBuilder iPad apps, and how Santiago enjoys “learning and playing” at the same time.


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“The HearBuilder Following Directions Home Edition is excellent! It is challenging for my daughter and she is learning and having fun. Your child will completely love this game!”

- Jennifer G., La Mirada, CA

Challenging and Fun!

“Despite having APD, my daughter reads very well, that is, after she has memorized the words as a ‘picture’ rather than phonological components. This software is definitely helping. Purchased [Phonological Awareness] along with Auditory Memory & Following Directions. My daughter finds it challenging and fun.”

- Susan S., California

Love the data!

“We are currently using the HearBuilder series in a computer lab setting to provide services to a variety of speech and language delayed clients. it provides us with the ability to serve several children at one time. The clients are able to log themselves in and begin to work at their designated levels very quickly. Love the data!”

- Kandy I., Yakima, WA

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